Well I know reason #1

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how can you not see them as the best of gay friends

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just in case anyone needed a reminder here is what feminism is


it’s not a “cult”, it’s a movement for equal rights

by definition, “anti-feminism” is being against the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men

think twice before you’ proudly have “anti-feminist” in your blog description

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our biology teacher brought a skeleton to class yesterday and now everyone’s treating it as if it’s a part if our class i’m going to

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School and Tumblr

That last one had me laugh out loud!

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PotterFacts 7/404 | The Chamber of Secrets

"Gilderoy Lockhart is the only Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher to have no connection at all to Voldemort."

That’s because even Voldemort has a certain demand for skill and competence

that was the sickest burn i have ever seen

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- Anime protagonist with a tortured past that is still trying to grasp the magic of friendship (via thecornhusker)

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tumblr user: CAN *gif* WE *gif* JUST *gif* TALK *gif* ABOUT *gif* THIS *gif* FOR *gif* A *gif* MOMENT *gif* *gif *gif*

me: Chill

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That… Is not what I expected

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I have an addiction. Help.

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this gives me life and inspires me to step up my lipstick game

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this piece is what all warriors strive for

Oh my god.

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